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Clinical Research

Central Nervous System (CNS) research and development (R&D) has failed to meet the demands of the patients with these disorders. There are very few available medications that target some specific psychiatric disorders. Some are used in almost every psychiatric disorder, due to the lack of knowledge about how the medicines really work, or the “foggy” and “superficial” understanding of the illness itself. However, psychiatric disorders are presenting a great menace to individuals, families, communities and our bigger society. From self-destructive behaviors (self-cutting, suicidal tendencies, and drug abuse behaviors) to societal aggression (domestic violence, mass shootings), untreated psychiatric disorders promise to not only continue this pattern, but to escalate it. The vividness and obsessions of social media provide such a fertile culture that leads to a dramatic escalation of these behaviors.

The stigma and stereotype of seeking mental health services, the poverty of readily available psychiatric medications, and the unmanageable side effects have created walls that enclose psychiatric patients from other individuals, their families, and society. In order to reach out to these individuals and get them safely out of their enclosures, we must work collaboratively to create resources such as new medications that specifically target their symptoms without imposing a huge burden with side effects. Additionally, it is necessary to purify the current available medications and to develop new medications to effectively target these side effects.

The search for newer and more tolerable psychiatric medications is not just a need, but rather a necessity in order to stop the menace resulting from improperly treated psychiatric disorders.

CincyScience has been an active participant in conducting clinical research trials with many sponsors. They study many illnesses, such as mood disorder, drug addiction, psychotic disorders and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD).