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Our Research Process



Whether you found one of our programs on our website, social media, or personal referral, please contact us via email or phone & one of our researchers will answer your questions & determine if you are a match for one of our programs.



You will read the informed consent forms so you understand all aspects of the program. If you agree to participate, you will then receive general medical and psychiatric assessments to further determine your eligibility.


Medicine Administration

Once screening results are processed and your eligibility is confirmed, medication administration will begin. Length of this process varies.

You will be compensated at the end of each visit.


Active participation

You may undergo additional tests during this part of the process. Participation time varies per program. Our research staff will keep in contact to closely monitor your response to treatments.



 At the completion of the program, you may elect to continue the treatment in another setting. Our researchers are available for your questions or concerns after the completion of all programs.

If you would like to seek additional psychiatric support, we will refer you to our partner, Professional Psychiatric Services.

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